Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Avoid Sharks Stay Home

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Friday, December 7, 2012

New Form Of Travel

International trips are becoming more hassle free with each passing year. Renting a vehicle for example just could not be more convenient. I love landing in a new country and just taking out my phone and searching for Cape Town car hire for example. Takes two seconds to find a hire company and reserve a car which can be picked up straight away. It's that easy! http://www.vineyardcarhire.co.za/articles.php is on par with the rest of the world, certainly Europe in my experience. Lot's of friendly people that are will to help with any car related query as well.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Assurance With Peace Of Mind

As we've all been told at one time or another, life insurance makes a whole lot of sense. Without life cover the expenses of medical procedures can be overwhelming and too much to bear. I don't know about you but I would take any possible chance I could to prevent such a thing from happening. We often realize this to late unfortunately however. It could very well be the best choice when considering your loved ones future. For very little expense up front, this can be assured and you won't have to worry about this anymore. I'm glad I've got this sorted and can rest easy knowing my family's future is secure.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unforgettable Cage Diving Gansbaai with Shark Bookings

Forget skidding down a sun drenched dune on a Formica board and plunging head first towards the earth while attached to nothing but a harness – shark cage diving has, and continues to be one of the country’s most popular adventure activities. As many adventure enthusiasts will tell you, “Diving with great white sharks is where pure, unadulterated adrenalin resides.”

Based in the shark cage diving capital of the world and operating for over 12 years, Shark Bookings is one of the most widely recognized and well respected tour companies in the Western Cape, which focuses exclusively on cage diving Gansbaai. Despite its humble beginnings, central website and booking office has continued to expand throughout the years, and inevitably become a world class booking service.

Although cage diving Gansbaai is their first and foremost focus, Dave and Elna have also expanded to popular diving areas such as Cape Town, Mossel Bay and Durban, as well as tropical destinations such as Mozambique. And with several spectacular diving destinations to explore, experiencing the sheer thrill of diving with some of the world’s most exquisite marine life is an absolute guarantee when booking a diving trip through Shark Bookings

Some trips on offer include: the ever popular Great White Shark Cage Diving dive package, a breath-taking Whale Watching Ocean Safari, a Shark Diving and Helicopter Flight combination package, a heart palpitating Tiger Shark dive package in Aliwal Shoal in Durban, and Diving with Manta Rays and Swimming with Whale Sharks diving packages in Mozambique. 

To discover more about Shark Bookings and their fantastic range of South Africa and Mozambique shark cage diving packages, visit the Shark Bookings website, or contact Dave or Elna Caravias on:
Telephone: 0027 (0) 82 466 4519
Facsimile: 0027 (0) 28 384 3763

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shark cage diving

You get fantastic shark cage diving in Gaansbaai. and scuba diving tour packages. The Great White Shark Diving Company offers an experience of a life time which is definitely worth its price.

It is such a personalised experience to be face to face with the sharks. If you are a photographer this would be one of the best moments to get those perfect shots of the marine life, even while you are shark cage diving. Definitely one of the most frightening moments I’m sure you will ever experience in your life. If you are a serious shark enthusiast their company even offers five or ten day trips as well.

It offers you that once in a lifetime eye to eye contact with a great white shark. So if you are feeling courageous and daring enough, you should definitely go shark cage diving.

Source : Apex Predators

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some Relief At Last

I've been having medical problems pretty much for as long as I can remember.
Since I was a young boy I've been in and out of hospitals without a hospital plan,
life insurance didn't even enter into my mind. Eventually one day I was
talked into taking out a plan(against what I thought was my better judgement).
Some time went by without incident and I wondered where my money was going, but
then sure enough one day, the same old problems popped up again and I was back
in hospital.This time there was a difference though, I wasn't the one paying for
it. I have to say it makes all the difference, just glad I found the
Prime Meridian Mobile site and took out that plan.

Monday, October 29, 2012

So Much More To Life cover

When thinking about life insurance I always assumed it only applied to paying for funeral costs and the like, only recently did I figure out that life cover also means so much more. It could translate into my children being able to go to university even when I'm unable to pay for it myself, or it could mean enabling my family to continue living at the standard to which they have become accustomed over the years. I've been checking out Frank.Net and after giving them a shout
they informed that I could register for life cover over the phone, so that was me sold! Good to know I'm covered.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Risks of swimming in Great White Shark territory

It’s difficult to get a passionate surfer out of the waters. And although it’s hard to believe that anyone would risk a shark attack for the love of surfing a wave, for many it’s become second nature. Most of us think they’re crazy but in truth they know their trade better than we do. The fact of the matter is that sharks don’t care to eat humans and will happily pass them by. Shark attacks on surfers are rare and occur mostly when a shark mistakes a surfer and his board for being a seal.
For most of us, venturing into the sea even months after a shark sighting can be a scary prospect. Sharks put many of us off splashing in the sea, let along putting on a wetsuit to go surfing in it. No chance. However, most of our fears are unnecessary as sharks have very little intention of eating us. In fact, they don’t even like the taste of humans. Shark sightings are often reported by surfers, proof that sharks don’t hunt humans as if they did the surfers wouldn’t have survived to retell their sighting stories or how the sharks passed them by.

In the summer months, sharks move closer to the beach, some even coming as close to land as the shore break where the surfers lurk waiting to catch waves. When a shark attack takes place - a shark most likely has mistaken a surfer for a seal - people are quick to point blaming fingers at companies who run Great White Shark Cage Diving. Cape Town has several companies which run this extreme sport and educational activity and although many debates have surrounded the practice, no proof has been pinned to Shark Cage Diving in Gaansbaai, Cape Town being directly related to shark attacks. The chumming procedure that Shark Cage Diving companies practice to bring sharks closer to their boats would have no affect on sharks coming closer to the shore, and if sharks associate the activity with getting a free meal, they would recognise the large outline of the boat, not the humans who are doing the Shark Cage Diving or who can be seen on the beach. People must always remember that the shark diving boats go to where the sharks are and it is not the other way around and the activity does not bring sharks to the area that are not already there.

Cape Town has had few instances of shark attacks. Seal Island in False Bay has an abundance of seals for the Great white sharks to eat; ruling out the argument that sharks may eat a human if they were desperate because they have an abundance of food available. An interesting fact about sharks that most people don’t know is that sharks use their teeth as feelers. If a surfer comes across a hungry shark, a shark may come up to them curiously. In False Bay, the sharks are usually well fed and when they venture towards the shore they have no intention of feeding on unknown food sources. As the surfers know this, they feel quite safe going out into the waters and sticking around until they surf their best wave.

Being in the same water as a shark is a scary prospect for even the bravest of us, and having seen films such as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea we believe that our feelings are justified. However, sharks are not naturally malicious creatures and will not seek you out and bite a human for the sake of it. Surfers are confident that despite shark sightings and the past events of the odd shark attack, they will be able to surf relatively safely and return to the beach.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

River Rafting

Rivers are awesome, and most people can’t look at one without fantasising about just setting off on a river rafting trip and seeing where the current takes them. It’s a very Zen kind of adventure – you can literally just go with the flow. Of course, it helps if you know what is downstream as you probably don’t want to drift around a corner to find a 40m waterfall or something.
So that’s why it’s a good thing that there are loads of river rafting courses and companies that offer river rafting adventure tours, all willing and able to guide you down any one of a number of fantastic rivers. As well as providing all the equipment, they will give you a presentation on rafting, and some instructions about maintaining safety on the water. Going river rafting with an experienced and qualified guide will increase your safety, and their knowledge of the river can help you to enjoy your experience even more.

The Orange River, on the border between the Northern Cape and Namibia, is the longest river in South Africa and, as it’s runnable almost all year, it is the mainstay of the river rafting industry. You can choose between one-day trips or multi-day trips, and you can also choose between mostly flat water, or interesting white water sections for some intense white water rafting.

Another very reliable river is the Ash River in the Free State, also with a flattish section and a white water extravaganza. Other good options include the Breede and the Palmiet in the Western Cape, the Vaal on the border of the North West Province and the Free State, the Blyde in Mpumalanga and the Olifants in Limpopo. The Tugela and the Buffalo in KwaZulu-Natal are really only worth paddling in summer, and the Doring in the Western Cape only in winter.

There are also some nice, totally flat water river rafting trips, mostly near the coast. In the Western Cape these include the wetlands of the Wilderness National Park, the Keurbooms River near Plettenberg Bay and Hermanus Lagoon. The Sundays, Kowie and Umtata Rivers in the Eastern Cape also offer great flat water paddling and, in KwaZulu-Natal, the magnificent Kosi Bay lake system and the huge Lake St Lucia both in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park are particularly scenic.

River rafting can be anything from a relaxing paddle to a high-speed, adrenalin-pumped race through the rapids. Either way you are sure to enjoy the thrill of a river rafting trip.
source: river rafting

Whale Watching

South Africa has some of the best land- and boat-based whale watching in the world. During winter and spring Southern Right whales migrate to the Cape and South Coast shores from their feeding grounds in Antarctica. They will spend a few months in these warmer waters calving their young and then waiting for them to grow strong enough to make the journey back to Antarctica.

Southern Right whales are the species most commonly seen in the Cape’s waters due to their numbers and highly predictable habits. However, they are not the only whales to visit these shores; Blue whales are occasionally sighted off the coast of Cape Point, while Bryde whales are seen all year round, albeit infrequently, and orcas are seen very occasionally along the whole coast.

The best places to watch whales from the shore include Walker Bay from eitherHermanus or GansbaaiFalse Bay and much of the Cape Peninsula coast, De Hoop Nature Reserve and Plettenberg BayGarden Route. While you can often get a better view in False Bay or Walker Bay from the shore, in most other places you will get a much more satisfactory sighting from a boat.

If you wish to partake in a whale watching trip ensure that the company you plan to use is registered and in possession of valid documentation. Whale watching boats need to have a permit from Marine and Coastal Management, and they operate under very strict rules pertaining to how close they may approach whales, the length of time they may stay with them, and how many times any whale or group of whales can be approached in any one day.

You will find licensed boats in most of the good whale watching destinations along the coast, with each bay, or side of a bay, limited to one licensed boat. Plettenberg Bay, which is one of the most prolific cetacean-watching sites in the world, is an exception with two licensed operators. Most of the whale watching boats are big, powerful, very seaworthy craft that are easy to board, and offer a comfortable ride. This allows for greater enjoyment of the trip and can give you greater confidence in taking your expensive camera equipment onboard to get a close-up snap of these majestic beasts.

Whether you choose to observe the whales from the solid comfort of the shore or from the deck of a powerful boat, the playful nature of these great creatures is a delight to observe. With many whale watching activity tours conducted from Cape Town all along the coast, you needn’t miss out on seeing these visitors to our shores.

Shark Cage Diving

South Africa is the best shark cage diving destination in the world. And Gansbaai is the best shark cage diving destination in South Africa. There are others – Mossel Bay on the Garden Route and False Bay near Cape Town – and by world standards they’re pretty spectacular, but Gansbaai – a little fishing village about an hour’s drive east of Cape Town – is the best by far for a shark cage diving South African adventure. And that is proved by the plethora of huge shark cage diving boats lining the slipway at Kleinbaai Harbour just outside the town.
Gansbaai is such a good place to do shark cage diving because of the huge seal colony on Geyser Rock, which lies about 500m from Dyer Island across a channel affectionately known as Shark Alley. In winter great white sharks patrol the alley looking out for nice fat baby seals that have gotten separated from their mums, while the birds on the nearby Dyer Island watch over the whole thing with avian disdain.
And, while the sharks home in on the seals, the shark cage diving boats home in on the sharks. The tour guides will toss a bit of fish blood and oil in the water to whet the appetites of the sleek prowling grey beasts and then, when the sharks come in for a closer look, they keep their interest up by dangling a big fish head temptingly on a line. And that’s when you get your camera out or take your turn in the cage to come eyeball to eyeball with this supreme predator.
Cage diving is rapidly growing in popularity, especially among younger people and tourists. Cage diving offers a safe way of getting a close-up view of these fearsome predators in their natural habitat. A current concern of cage diving is that the sharks are becoming used to humans, and because fish is used to draw them towards the cage, that sharks are beginning to associate humans with food. Responsible dive operators should not feed the sharks, and cage diving should be practised away from tourist spots.
If you are interested in a shark cage diving adventure, Gansbaai is an easy day trip from Cape Town. If you do not want to leave the city, you can also check out the sharks in False Bay near Seal Island, where Great Whites are known to congregate. In areas known to be populated with Great Whites, some operators will offer Great White shark cage diving tours.
For more information on Soft Cage Diving in Durban and the KwaZulu-Natal South coast, click on the link below.
Soft Cage Diving

source: Shark cage diving south africa

Monday, June 25, 2012

Morning Shark Diving Trips in Gaansbaai - Apr - Sep.

Shark- Shark Cage Diving in Gaansbaai
We depart at 7h00 from Simon’s Town which is only 45 minutes from Cape Town and return to Simon’s Town at 12h30.

This trip focuses on Natural predation and breaching as well as shark cage diving.

We specialize in small groups and take a maximum of 12 guests per trip. As the groups are small we are able to provide an intimate experience as well as having the opportunity to pass on our knowledge and passion for the sharks and the area.

A smaller group also allows for better viewing opportunities and a longer shark cage dive. The cage is fixed to the boat and guests are allowed to snorkel in the cage. In view of this, a diving certification is not necessary.

All trips include:
dive gear (sizes small to XXL are available).
light lunch, snacks, fruit and refreshments on board.
A return transfer can be organized from Cape Town

Bookings are essential as space is limited. All payment is to be made in South African Rand. We require credit card details to secure a booking. Please make sure to watch the exchange rate as this can fluctuate.

Please note: Great white sharks are completely wild animals and as such sightings cannot be guaranteed. We will use our best knowledge in order to give you the most realistic expectations before making a booking.

Source: Morning Great White Shark Trips

Shark Week 2012 - Apex Predators

Shark Week 2012
Shark Week 2012 on Discovery Channel will start the annual week long series of shark shows on 12 August 2012 at 9pm Eastern/Pacific in the USA.

The 25th Anniversary of Shark Week kicks off with AIR JAWS APOCALYPSE as the lead show. This new documentary was facilitated by Apex Shark Expeditions and was filmed at Seal Island, False Bay and in Gansbaai over the 2011 great white shark season. We are very proud that Chris Fallows is the host of this new documentary.  We also look forward to sharing some very uniquely filmed underwater great white shark footage as well as spectacular breaching manoeuvres. We also have a new camera innovation called “shark Spy” which enabled us to view natural shark behaviour underwater without disturbing the animals in any way.

Also look out for “HOW JAWS CHANGED THE WORLD”. This documentary explores exactly what the title intends and Chris Fallows along with a variety of other well-known shark experts provides some interesting anecdotes.

We’ll be posting the program schedules as soon as they are available.

Source: Shark Week 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meeting and Events at 20 West Executive Apartments & Hotels

A modern conference centre offering a conference room seating 294 and a boardroom seating a maximum of 59, as well as 5 break away meeting rooms, all with state-of-the-art technology, including i-pad docking stations and with nataurl light access to the terrace.

Contact Illana at 20 West Executive Apartments & Hotel to arrange a site inspection, or for availability and more information.

Tel: + 27 (0)11 290 9600

Fax: + 27 (0)11 290 9601

E-mail: reservations@20west.co.za